Iceman footage

As media consumers, you must have come across the following headings: 'what The Iceman does isn’t scientifically possible,’ 'Iceman breaks World Record standing in ice’, ‘Iceman on Everest: "It was easy". Wim Hof is regularly in news programs such as de wereld draait door (The World Keeps Spinning), by Pauw en Witteman and Een vandaag. A lot of this footage is accessible to everyone, but there are also many unique photos and videos available of The Iceman. If you’re interested in viewing those, it is possible to order them.

Add value to your Workshops, lectures and/or trainings.

By organizing lectures, workshops and trainings, you are passing on knowledge. You know how difficult it is to hold the attention of the group during these activities. Allow the display of pictures and videos for excitement and variety to keep the attention of your group. Using footage for a lecture, workshop or training allows for better decoration and embellishment. The use of pictures and videos about the Iceman is especially useful to convey information clearly. Let’s use the breathing exercises of the Iceman as an example: You can explain it in words, but actually seeing it done makes it much easier to understand.

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