Learn how to become an Iceman or Ice woman and come to the training

 Wim Hof, as the Iceman, has achieved many exceptional performances, baffling scientists everywhere. How can someone's body be exposed for so long in such extreme circumstances? How does he not suffer from the consequences while others would be in a life-threatening condition. The answer lies in the Wim Hof method. He mirrored himself in hard nature. From nature he learned many things, like influencing his internal thermostat. You can make this possible to, because you can reach far more than what you think is possible. As Wim often says: "What I am capable of, anyone can do.”

The training of the Iceman

The trajectory to learn and control the Wim Hof method consists of six different meetings, divided into three modules. After every module, you will receive a different certificate. Below you can find an overview with a brief summary of all the modules.

The first 2 modules can also be followed as an intensive course of 1 week in the new centre of Wim Hof (February 2014). This is situated in Poland. The third module takes place in November/December 2014.

Module 1 – Basic Course

  • Introduction, acquaintance, treatment techniques
  • Treatment techniques, short repetition basic techniques, introduction to advanced treatment techniques

Module 2 – Advanced Course

  • Origin of techniques, commentary on exercises and method
  • Exercises and method

     *Theoretical and practical certification exam must be passed.

Module 3 - Instructor Course

  • Discussion theory and practice
  • Focus on exercises and method

     *The final theoretical and practical exam will take place.

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Are you interested in learning the Wim Hof method? Order the book becoming the Iceman and start practicing on your own. The course in Poland can be found on the webshop, more information beneath Winter travel. If you would not be able to attend to practice wih the methods, we also do have an online training course. Wimhofmethod.com

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